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full colour digital prints,uk full colour digital prints,london full colour digital prints

Full Colour Digital Prints London

Full colour digital prints are the easiest way to print your picture or other digital files onto a physical surface with all the available colour options. London Displays can do your full colour digital print job with your satisfaction in mind. We are the leaders of designing and printing services in London and also in UK.

The method of full colour printing can be referred to as four colour printing process because of its use of three primary coloured inks and black. Primary colours are cyan, magenta and yellow. Four colours can be abbreviated as CMYK. All other colours can be produced using these four colours. Another method of full colour printing process is the six colour printing process in which two extra colours can also be used along with CMYK. Two extra colours are orange and green. The six colour printing process gives a larger range of colour option.

To make the print, we first separate the colour from the original artwork into RBG (Red, Blue, Green) components using the digital imaging technology. By doing this, we get three gray scale images of red, green and blue components of the original image. Then invert the images (making negatives) of red, blue and green to cyan, magenta and yellow respectively. A black separation image is also created to improve shadow and contrast. Screening process is done to vary the amount of ink. Colour mixing and combinations can be done with the primary colours to make different other colours. Then print the colours in different dots (pixel) to get the output image.

Full colour digital prints London can be used for photograph printing, banner printing, flex printing, bill board printing and many more. We, the specialist in full colour digital printing, can produce higher quality images with higher frequency rate.

London Displays has good client support. We ensure maximum performance to all our customers. We have a good turn around time of maximum 48 hours. You can enjoy our services within moderate charges.

If you want to place your order or want to find out more on Full  Colour Digital Prints London, you can call us on 020 7500 7699 or email us at sales@london-displays.com .



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