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Framed Canvas UK

Are you planning to frame your canvas print or want to buy new framed canvas prints? London Displays, a leading digital printing and graphic design company in the United Kingdom makes framed canvas prints at reasonable rates.

Framed canvas UK prints are one of the best decorative options one can have for one’s home or office. These are known for their exceptional quality of adding elegance and charm to your rooms. To those who love art and artwork, framed canvas prints can be given to them as gifts. A framed canvas print is created by reproducing a piece of artwork onto framed canvas using a number of printing techniques. The artwork is fit inside the frame work to produce an outstanding framed canvas.

Give us your digital camera photo, film negative, original artwork or an existing print, London Displays, with its years of experience in digital printing, can create a perfect framed canvas prints UK from these resources. Our custom framed canvas prints UK are ideal for interior decoration, giving your home or office an elegant look. We use the best quality canvases which are water resistant, durable and with high UV stability. We offer glossy as well as matte finishes for your framed canvas prints. The archival pigment based inks used for producing framed canvas prints UK ensure longer life and lesser color fading.

Once your art canvas print is ready, we will frame for you. London Displays provide frame sizes of dimensions 8” x 10”, 10” x 12” and 16” x 20”. With perfect combination of colors, we print and frame excellent images onto best quality canvas. Our services are commonly used by retailers, galleries, interior designers, artists and professional photographers. Our framed canvases are commonly used in offices, banks, houses, bars, and restaurants.

If you are interested in reproducing your favorite pictures into fine framed canvas prints, then please place your order with London Displays immediately. We can create beautiful Framed Canvas prints UK within a turnaround time of 48 hours. Contact us at 020 7500 7699 or send us an email to If required, we also provide free consultation facility.



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