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Exhibition Stands UK

Whatever your exhibition or trade show requirements may be, we, at London Displays, offer you a comprehensive range of the finest quality exhibition stands that meet your event and marketing goals. Our full range of exhibition stands is designed to suit every budget and display need. They are lightweight, extremely portable and very easy to assemble. From our exhibition stands UK facility, you can buy great quality exhibition stands featuring flexibility, simplicity and reusability, at a very competitive price.

Over the years, we have been supplying exhibition stands to the advertising industry. Our well equipped workshops, coupled with experienced and skilled team of professionals, allow us to make your events as hassle-free as possible. With the effective use of graphics, colours, signs, display cases, shelving, lighting, plinths, holders, and frames on the exhibition stands, you can receive audience attention within seconds.

Here at London Displays, we offer you an extensive range of exhibition and display systems that include pop up display systems, banner stands, portable displays, modular display stands and folding panel systems. They are available in different models such as roll up, retractable and telescopic, coming in a large variety of sizes and configurations. For your convenience, they are equipped with display accessories, literature racks, portable brochure stands, modular panel kits, information stands and many more.

If you wish to make a big impression, a custom built exhibition stand is the absolute solution. Our experienced team of exhibition designers will construct exhibition stands according to your specifications. Using a cutting edge combination of bespoke and unique designs, large format graphic panels and innovative ideas such as video screens, interactive displays, hospitality areas and multimedia, they design a creative, modern and visually appealing exhibition stand that gives you maximum impact, attracting more visitors.

If you would like further information about our Exhibition Stand UK, call us at: 020 7500 7699 or send your email queries to: sales@london-displays.com.



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