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Contemporary Canvas Prints UK

If you wish to see your favorite contemporary artwork on canvas, then contemporary canvas prints UK from London Displays is the perfect choice. A canvas print incorporating contemporary art is good interior decoration for any office, gallery, resort or museum. London Displays is a leader in contemporary canvas printing in the UK. We print beautiful, attractive contemporary artworks on different types of canvas like cotton canvas, artist’s grade canvas, matte canvas, glossy canvas, heavy canvas or light canvas.

Contemporary art is art that began in the 1960s – 1970s and still carries on today. Contemporary art portrays people, nature, animals, inanimate objects, lifestyle, geometric designs and other aspects in a style that is quite unique. When you display contemporary canvas prints UK from London Displays in your home or office, people would be instantly drawn to them.

At London Displays, we have a highly qualified and experienced group of graphic designers who can create contemporary canvas prints UK out of any digital photograph, negative, computer file or slide. The canvas print is designed in such a way that it matches the interior design of the place where it is to be kept. We make use of animating colour sequences and superior imaging technology to heighten the effect of our contemporary canvas prints UK. You can also browse our online gallery and select contemporary artworks which you would like to see as contemporary canvas prints UK.

London Displays provides clients with contemporary canvas prints UK that are low-cost; and moisture, scratch and dust resistant. We use only the most advanced printers and superior grade pigmented inks, so your canvas prints are guaranteed to last a long time. All canvas prints are coated with UV proof inks that protect them against damaging ultraviolet rays and weather changes. In accordance with our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we also offer framing, lamination, and retouching services for our contemporary canvas prints UK. We have a competitive turnaround of just 48 hours.

To take advantage of Contemporary Canvas Prints UK from London Displays, simply dial 020 7500 7699 or e-mail us at



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