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Indoor Prints

London Displays can print in A3, A2, A1, A0 and any other customised formats in full colour from digital artwork or from scans of camera artwork. Prints can be supplied on photographic paper, watercolour and fine art papers, vinyl, canvas and other substrates and be drum scanned to high resolution files. The prints can then be laminated or mounted on foamex for protection.

London Displays has in-house facilities for scanning prints and transparencies from A4 prints to 35mm slides. Images are scanned to a workstation for retouching or colour correction before being processed.

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Canvas Prints

Ideal for artists who want to sell multiple copies of their art or consumers who want to enjoy large formats of their prints, our canvas service includes the scanning of artwork, photo re-touching and high quality fine art reproduction. With the latest digital technology we are able to create your images up to 3 metres long by 2 metres wide, complete with security fixings when required. Our prices include the mounting of the prints.


London Displays offers a wide range of posters on a variety of media such as matt, semi or gloss paper as well as artistic paper. Our professional mounting and laminating service is the perfect finish to your posters.

Photographic Prints

London Displays offer photographic prints of the highest quality, ideal for photographers looking to exhibit their work or individuals to use at home or office environments. Mounting and framing are optional.

Fine Art Reproductions

We offer this service to painters and traditional or digital artists, allowing them to reproduce their pieces for exhibition purposes. Individual customers can also take advantage of this service to create a copy of their favourite painting or art.

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