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Corex Signs

Corex signs are ideal tools for short-term outdoor signage. Are you living in London city? If yes, you can easily purchase good corex signs. London Displays provides the best quality corex signs available in the market. We have the most modern equipment and other facilities to provide you the corex signs that you need.

Corex signs can be simply attached to wooden stakes or mounted on step-stake wire stands for easy yard or lawn placement. Corex sign sheets are more durable and UV stabilized. The sheeting is simply folded and scored, or cut with a knife or board cutter. Corex signs are appropriate for all weather settings and are fully waterproof. From London Displays you can get Corex sign boards in various sizes you need. Lightweight corex sign boards can be stored easily.

Corex signs are perfect for short-term outdoor signage like real estate development signs, special event signs for use at fairs, sales, building sites and property signs. London Displays extends its valuable services to several different organizations like hotels, airports, arenas, churches, conference centers, casinos, store fronts, shopping malls, window displays and more.

Vinyl graphics are more suitable for small orders and screen printing is best for larger corex signs. The ideal color choice for a typical corex sign board is white, even if these are available in various colors. Corex signs can also be exhibited by using dual sided tape, folding into an a-frame, Velcro, hanging, suction cups or tacking.

If you wish to order Corex Signs for your business requirement, just call London Displays at 020 7500 7699. Use the id to drop a mail to us.

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