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N9 London Canvas Printing Services

Canvas printing is a wonderful method of printing pictures, photos and paintings onto a canvas. If you are a resident of Lower Edmonton and want to have a canvas print of your own, don’t go elsewhere- London Displays is in your hometown. You can avail yourself of attractive, good quality canvas prints through our N9 London canvas printing services.

London Displays as the leader in low cost large format printing and graphic design in the UK is committed to providing excellent quality output to its valuable clients. We provide canvas printing on high quality artist grade canvas. By printing on such superior grade canvas, we ensure superior clarity of your photo canvas prints. We also use high quality pigmented and UV protected inks. So our canvas prints last for several decades.

Our N9 London canvas printing services are not limited to printing. We also provide pre-printing and post-printing services to our customers on request. If the image to be printed has any defects in terms of clarity, colour and/or other such defects; our experts will rectify it through image quality enhancement services like colour correction, dodging and burning, selective colour adjustment, photo enlargement, saturation enhancement, and dust and scratches removal. We also provide designing services as part of our N9 London canvas printing services, according to our customers’ need. If you wish, you can select pictures from our online gallery to print on canvas.

Our post printing services are many. Canvas prints can be super stretched on a wooden frame or on a frame of your choice. We can even have your canvas print gallery-wrapped around the sides of the frame to create a 3D effect. We also provide hooks in the frame, so the canvas prints are ready to hang on the walls of your favourite room. The printed canvas can be laminated to provide extra protection from moisture and dust.

To take advantage of our N9 London Canvas Printing Services in the Lower Edmonton (N9) area of London, do call us on this number: 020 7500 7699 or email us at