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E15 London Canvas Printing Services

Getting a print of your favorite picture or photo on canvas has never been so easy! London Displays, as part of its nationwide canvas printing services in the UK, offers E15 London canvas printing services to our clients in the Stratford and West Ham area of London.

Canvas prints are one of the most beautiful pieces of art. They give an extra special effect which an original art work cannot give. You can always rely on the highly efficient and professional staff of London Displays to provide you with canvas prints of superior quality. We use only state-of-the-art canvas printing technology and high quality inks in our E15 London canvas printing services. We print on a variety of canvas materials such as artistís grade canvas, durable matt canvas, cotton canvas, water resistant canvas, and glossy canvas. All our canvas materials are provided with a coating of UV proof ink to protect them from the harsh sunlight and other weather conditions.

You can upload your digital photos or paintings to us, if you would like them to be incorporated in your canvas prints. If you donít have a digital image of your photos or paintings, donít worry. With the help of our modern scanning equipment, we can create digital files of the photos or artworks. If you donít have any picture or photo with you, you can choose one from our online gallery. In our gallery, we have a large collection of beautiful pictures and paintings done by famous artists.

We at London Displays provide some optional post canvas printing services like stretching canvases to a frame, gallery wrapping the canvases to give a 3D effect, providing laminated coating to the canvas prints and much more. As part of our customised E15 London canvas printing services, our clients can specify their preferred size for the canvas print(s).

To know more about our E15 London Canvas Printing Services in the Stratford and West Ham area, you can contact us on this number: 020 7500 7699 or email us at